Rock Pear
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pera rochA BOTANICAL

The Western Rock Pear, originally named Pera Rocha do Oeste, is a unique type of fruit that exists uniquely in Portugal. It is yellow or light green, with brown spots at its base. The flesh is white, firm and sweet. Pera Rocha was identified more precisely in 1836, in Ribeira de Sintra region on the property known as “Terra da Rocha”, derived from a seeded pear tree.

The owner of the “Terra da Rocha” site, Mr. Pedro Antonio Rocha located and tried this Pear that was very different in color and flavor, thus a beginning a new harvest tradition.

In the beginning, the region of production was kept secret by a protected designation of origin which is located in the western region of Portugal, so it was renamed the Western Rock Pear. Adhoc Wine & Spirits thought it would be a great idea to produce the first ever Gin with Pera Rocha botanical.

In the world of Gin this experimental botanical turned out to create an exclusive spirit. To produce Gino Gin we trust in botanicals such as lemon and juniper, adding the unique twist of Rock Pear.

Diogo de Mello Caiado, AWS CEO

Gino Gin is the first ever Gin innovating by bringing together Rock Pear with the classic Botanicals of our original formula.

This unique flavor bestows the influence of juniper, lemon and cardamom botanicals to another dimension.

Come and find out more!

Luis Rodrigues, Partner & Head of Sales